Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 3: Project Toteschooling

Let's just say the first day was a success that exceeded my expectations and came on the perfect day!!

Yesterday was just tough. I don't know why. It started out great. I successfully dragged myself out of bed, got organized before the kids were up, made coffee for Lled and went for a walk. I should have known that the dog pooper scooper fiasco was an omen. I can't even tell you about it. Just know, I get an A for effort.

So, yesterday afternoon, we needed to hit the restart button. The "we'll only do this if we finish our work" rule was broken - Day 1.

But here's what happened. Everyone grabbed some scratch paper and sat on the couch. I connected the computer to the tv and showed the kids on a big screen a quick tour of what Thirty-One was, it's mission and what it sells.

They liked these 2 videos:
 1. About their mission of empowering women 

 2. About their charitable giving program

Those videos sparked so much discussion and enthusiasm that I could never have predicted. I kept hearing one of the girls saying at different times, "This is AMAZING!", "This is the BEST thing we've done."

We ended up in a discussion about their emotional reaction to the videos - how did they feel after watching them? (excited, motivated); Did they think that was by accident? How much effort would it take to put all that information with such a compelling delivery in 3 short minutes.

Future project inspiration - Each girl will be given one cause to create a 3 minute video with graphics, etc to motivate viewers to action. Maybe the older girls could tie this in with an issue being talked about in the election? And Lilly could make it about something she loves like adopting dogs from the animal shelter.

Looking at the consultant kit on the big screen got squeals of excitement as they "called" who was going to get which bag. Silly girls.

Next, Commissions.
Love this. Math, math and more math and they were racing to get their computations done so they could see how much we could earn!

First, we started with what commission were, other jobs that use them, etc. They said they now understand the incessant local car dealership ads on the radio. We talked about communication - does the high pressure car sales guy make you want to stay and talk or leave? If you don't like that, which communication style would work better?

Second, I used the $500 average per party sales total and the commission rate given to me by our upline leader to get the girls calculating.

We started with the number of parties they thought we could have between October and June. They debated their positions a bit and then both set them (I fear woefully high) but I kept repeating in my mind, it's their project, it's their project. Then divided it to find how many that would be in a month.

Harper's goal - 23 parties total - about 2-3 each month.
Quincey's goal - 36 parties total - 4 parties each month 

Oh wow! This project may become a lesson in dealing with disappointment but I won't tell them that. Sure, 4 parties a month! Let's do it!

The absolute best part of the day was when they then did the math of ...
Total # of parties x commissions = Total Earned /2 = How much they will donate & How much will go to a family "something."

Harper has us donating $1437.50 and Quincey has us donating $2250.00

This session was going long and so we didn't get too detailed in what those donations could mean but they were thrilled, I mean screaming at the idea of donating so much money and the impact it could have thrilled. I think kids sometimes feel so "little." My girls do all have very charitable hearts, they even decided to name our homeschool St. Teresa's Academy after Mother Teresa. So this will be motivating.

Programming Project Idea - I thought I'd see if they could figure out a little widget or program an app that would track our earnings and donations. Their dad could help. That would be a good way to get him in on the fun - I can't see him promoting bags. ha ha!

We ended up having lunch out and talking about naming our project. There were lots of suggestions: Totes of Fun, Smithgirls' Totes and then Harper came out with the keeper, ToteSchooling! I love it! Cheesy, fun and perfect!

So, Project ToteSchooling has officially begun! Maybe the consultant kit will arrive today!

Day 2's Goals will be to:
* Write a Mission Statement for our project. Thirty-One encourages women to share their "Why" for being a consultant. I think we need ours written down so the girls don't get too excited and off track. Focus is on learning communications, writing, computer skills, math, charitable giving, value of a dollar, etc. I may need to write that in bold. :)

* Create a Customer Group on FB. They'll have to write the little blurb description. It's called ToteSchooling. We won't add anyone unless we ask or they do. If you want to be in to see what happens, message me on FB. You don't have to buy anything to be in the group.

* Create a graphic for ToteSchooling

* Set-up our Online Launch Party!!

Ok. So far so good!
Remember, if you want to join us on this adventure, here's the link.

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