Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 2: When Will the Box Arrive???

told the girls yesterday about the idea of using Thirty-One as part of our language arts, writing, math and public speaking curriculum.

They were THRILLED!

And now they're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the consultant kit. Here's what should be arriving in the next couple of days.

Day #2

Today's Plan:
  • What is Thirty-One? How do Commissions Work? etc.
  • How to Set a Realistic Goal & Determine Our Goals?
  • What Should We Call This Fun Project?

While we wait for the goods, we're going to start today with reviewing what the company is, what it sells and how it sells it. I won't show them too much of the promotional material they just need a general idea of what this is all about. I want to preserve their current understanding of what those promotional items should look like and say so we can have a great compare/contrast later with our writing projects.

We'll talk about the different goals consultants have: fun, extra spending money, full-time income and how that correlates to amount of effort/time put in. 

And then, they'll set their collective goal. 

Remember, my plan is that whatever money we make (by the grace of God) we'll divide 50/50 between monthly charitable donations and a family "something" - I can't wait to see what the kids pick.

When talking about goals, we'll be doing lots of math backwards and forewards. In other words, we'll start with "If we sell $200, how much commission would we make?" and "If we want to raise $100 per month for a charity, how much would we have to sell?" 

Did you read that? They're going to be doing real life math problems over and over again, most likely without complaining! I'm hoping this project might reframe math for them into a fun, powerful tool... it's reaching but I'm an optimist.

We'll see where the conversation leads but I might even have them look into some of the non-profits they are hoping to support and see what different sums of money can buy, ie. $5 to feed a family one meal.

By the way, did I mention that I have told the girls that we will work on this project every day that they complete all their work and chores without a struggle? Oh my word! Can you imagine? Could I have just squelched tween complaining? From this blog to God's ears.

Ok, I'm soooo excited. Are you? 

Remember, if you want to join us, here's the link to sign up.  https://www.mythirtyone.com/1867915/shop/join

Tune in tomorrow to see what happened & our next steps.

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