Friday, September 16, 2016

Day 4: Defining a Mission

"Project Toteschooling" is quickly becoming the kids' favorite thing we do. Talk about motivating! Chores done quickly and without fussing is a miracle in our house and it's happening.

Tennis team has started so our lesson about missions got cut short. But they begged to start at 8pm last night and so we did.

We talked about mission and vision statements by talking about some familiar, area non-profits. Then we looked up their websites to find what they actually were.

In our project, we will be donating each of the 9 months between now and June. So, I asked them to research any non-profits they wanted local, state, national or international, and write down the 9 most effective mission statements.

They quickly got on it. I can't wait to see which issues and NPO's they deem as worthy of their 9. Maybe it will give me a bit more insight into their tween/teen minds.

Last night, I found some great lessons on Pinterest about creating mission and vision statements for yourself. It could be really fun to have the kids work on writing those. I think that will be the next step after writing our missions.

Here are a couple of those links. They are both infographics so I think they'll work great with kids:

* How to write a personal mission statement

* How to write a personal vision statement

Can't wait to get the day started. Because it's Friday, I'm thinking of letting them start with it first this morning. The box still hasn't arrived - hopefully today but we've been having issues with our shipper lately. Fingers crossed.

We've started an online party - there's a great sale going on and your items can be shipped to you anywhere. If you want to help us with this project, here's a link.

Here's the link for the consultant kit if you want join us. It's $99.

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