Monday, September 10, 2012

Up late prepping for a new week

New this week:
*Weekly Calendars
This plan is based on an idea my daughter used in one of her classrooms. Each Monday, I'll give the girls a blank weekly calendar template and we'll fill it in together. Maybe this will cut down on the  "When are we.." questions and also trick them into doing a little more writing ;)

I just googled "weekly calendar templates" and got many links. Here's what I went with. The link is below it.
*More consistent music practice
My 2nd grader starts piano this week - new, used piano arrives on Wed. With both girls taking lessons, I am hoping this helps us improve consistency with practice.
*Daily Nature Journaling
I absolutely love the Charlotte Mason theory of homeschooling's idea of giving children daily, quiet, contemplative time in nature. We'll  go over how to do quick, realistic sketches of what they observe & how to jot down key observations. The preschooler gets a journal too and will be encouraged to use drawings to journal observations.
*Continue with the hunt for the right math curriculum
This week, we'll put to use Shiller Math & Math U See for our visual learner and compare Life of Fred, Saxon and Key to... for our 4th grader.
*More consistency with "Daily Share"
This is our version of chores but with a new title. I can't stand the word chore. Who wants to do those? It has such a negative connotation that it's just begging the kids to refuse. I like "share" because it enforces the idea that we are one family team and everyone needs to do a "share" of the work to keep it running smoothly. I'm hoping this will ensure the house doesn't look like it did last Friday.
*Start Weekly Science Field Trips
Science is not my forte at all! I do like it but I am not interested in indepth investigations. So, I've decided that I'll leave it to the experts to inspire my children. We'll take a weekly field trip to either OMSI in Portland; High Desert Museum in Bend or another location. The museum websites, PBS website and others have endless support materials. Hopefully, my husband, the science buff, will be able to pitch in as his time allows.
*Start History Lessons
Our Story of the World Activity Book is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. If so, we'll start on Tuesday. I am very excited to see how this goes. Many, many positive reviews including descriptions of fabulous enrichment activities make me think this will be great for both girls.

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