Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 3 -
Love the difference in our mornings without the lack of racing out the door! This is how our morning started. One voraciously reading; the others playing at our upcycled rice table. Using leftovers from the kitchen reno, we cut a hole into a cheap, laminate endtable from IKEA and dropped in a round stainless sink.

The kids favorite part is unplugging the sink and letting the rice drain through into a bin undnerneath. Then they pour the bin back into the sink and do it again, and again, and again! It's right in the kitchen and it's turned into a great play area while waiting for meals, inbetween activities, etc.

Poetry Books
Each day, the older girls pick out a poem to copy to their Poetry books. Today's choices were "A Road Less Travelled" by Robert Frost and a silly school poem from a Scholastic book.

Lightbox Fun: Sticky Contact Paper & Colored Rice
The key is to ask the child to use only a pinch at a time. Great fine motor skills & letter recognition activity!

Math Manipulatives

My middle child is a visual, kinesthetic learner. This activity was great for reviewing basic adding & subtracting facts.

On one piece of paper, I draw 2 squares. We start with a certain number of manipulatives in the first box; the second box is empty. She writes the math fact: 9+0=9 and colors in the grid squares to make a visual version.

One by one, the manipulatives are moved from one box to the other. Easy for her to work on independently. The cute, tactile rubber animal manipulatives motivate her to keep going. My preschooler loves to play with them just as animals.

These are the manipulatives we use. Amazon has them for $22. Expensive but ours have lasted years! And there are 72. Other sets have dinosaurs & bugs.

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