Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Too much fun to be learning?

Today was too much fun. I love that I was able to let my girls sleep in after a long, late soccer  practice and yet, we still got in everything and then some.

Preschool Sensory Fun
This idea came from Pinterest (here's the link and it was FABULOUS! Nothing but baking soda, vinegar and food coloring and my kids were captivated for hours. Even the 7 year old.

I added the idea of putting it on the light table which worked great. The thick areas started out opaque but as the vinegar dissolved the baking soda, the light shone through and lit up the colors.

I knew they'd love it but didn't know how far they'd take it. At first, it was the excitement of the sizzle as the vinegar hit the baking soda; then the color mixing; then one ran to get their ceramic volcano and made eruptions; after the baking soda was colored, they drew pictures.


Nature Walk

Amazing what a sketch notebook, a pencil and a bike ride can do. Today, the girls found lots of extra acorns and chestnuts specifically to smash open and see what was inside. The 3 year old was thrilled to use a real hammer. 

After they were opened, they sketched what they discovered. I was surprised that the 3 year old wanted to label her drawings too.

We ran out of time today, but the girls want to look up real diagrams of the insides of acorns. I'm hoping to find a good diagram that they can trace with tracing paper, label and then insert in their nature journals.

These are the drawing pads we use. They are inexpensive- $4 each and have artist quality paper. Ours are 6x8". Here's a link to them on Amazon.


Life of Fred: Apples - Exodus BooksLife of Fred

My 2nd grader loves it too! Yey! She was reluctant to start and then ended up begging me to read another chapter and another. We went through 6 in the first sitting. Granted, it was the first book in the series, a bit under her level, but still was presented in an interesting enough way to keep her interested. The storyline and humor were perfect.
Each book is about $15. We bought ours from Exodus Books online and were really happy with how fast they were shipped.
This is the first book in the Elementary Book Series that we are using, called Apples.

Light Table with Transparent Blocks

It's getting dark earlier these days and this is the perfect thing for tired kids while I make dinner.
The extra long tote is perfect for a playing surface. 
I got mine at a yard sale. Lucky find.
Amazon has them.


Other Subjects:

Today also included: Rosetta Stone Spanish, Cursive, Science studying the Phases of the Moon, creative writing, poetry, memorization, independent reading, reading aloud, vocabulary games, computer work, math games and more.
Today was a great day. Let's hope tomorrow is the same!



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