Friday, September 7, 2012

2nd Day: Wow, Wow & Wow!!

 Today was amazing!

Colored Rice
Kids loved the whole process start to finish! 
Add food coloring & rubbing alcohol to rice and squish in a bag until evenly distributed.
Pour it into a pan and let it dry in the sun. Flip it every once and a while to dry quicker.

Warning - this calls for A LOT of food coloring - 2 Tablespoons per color - use the food coloring. We did 1 batch with watercolor paint diluted with water which did not work as well. Also, use white rice. All we had on hand was brown. The colors aren't as crisp, but it worked and looks great.
Here's the link to the instructions.

Slap Math
The perfect, fun way to freshen up on multiplication tables and another great from Pinterest.
This is a game for 2 or 3 players. Write the math problem on one side and the product on the back. Mix them up on the table. Someone calls out the product; the first person to "slap" the correct answer, gets the card. The person with the most cards at the end wins.

Here's the link to the pin:

Tactile Counting Sticks
My 2 youngest made these and loved them. Write the number on the bottom of the popsicle stick and then glue the corresponding number of gems, buttons, sequins etc. on. Great for use in adding numbers or mix them up and have the child put them back in numeric order. 
I found the idea on Pinterest but it links back to this teacher's blog. 


Go Fish: Sum of 10
This is a great game that I found on Pinterest. Same rules as go fish. But the pairs that you are trying to make are 2 cards that equal 10 when added together. Face cards count as 5 and Aces as 1.

Here's the link where I found this idea. Other game ideas are given as well.

Chicken herding.
Just so happened that the chickens got out just when we needed a break. Perfect way to burn off some energy and get them outside!

Perfect Day Start to Finish
Here's one girl beginning her day reading with a friend, our Netherland Dwarf rabbit. And the other, ending hers with a sunset walk with Mom.

I realize everyday won't be as wonderful as this one. But as long as there are a few mixed in, this adventure will be well worth it!

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