Monday, September 26, 2016

The Start of Bend Bunny Barn

Notice the hat that got for entering votes. 

We're entering our fourth week of school and it's right on time that I start to question my methods with the girls.

Their friends are settling into their public school experiences, photos of homecoming celebrations are flooding fb and this little voice starts to say, "Are you sure this is the right way?"

But then, I witness this happen in my kitchen before breakfast... the girls working together, in a fair, systematic way to develop a large project together. This time it's Bend Bunny Barn - the culmination of their 4h bunny breeding endeavor.

I was completely engrossed in reading and didn't even know what they were working on until I started hearing words like, "That's one vote for..."; "Now we will need..."; "What do you think about..."

No different from any other kids, now that they are 13, 11 and 7 their opinions are strong and largely inflexible (especially where sisters are concerned). So the current conversation definitely caught my ear.

It can be so challenging to forge an independent path for your kids especially in this day & age of social media where opinions aren't as carefully delivered as they would be face-to-face. Few parents would disagree that the public education system is broken and yet they are the same who are first to fire question after question at you about the choice to homeschool. 

The fact that, without my interference, my kids are working on a project in a kind, fair, creative way leads me to believe The Smithgirls are doing just fine. 

(Please excuse the backgrounds in my photos but these are real, not staged photos. Also, Q bought the face masks at Dollar Tree for Lilly as a joke because our house is small and Lil & her germs just won't stay still. It was hysterical that they made her wear one this morning so she could participate.)

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