Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fun with Picasso

We needed an art day today so I turned to my favorite inspiration source, Pinterest. 

Wow, I am thankful for all the teachers who post lesson ideas!! It's really incredibly generous. 

I found a great lesson on Picssso & Cubism. 

The set up was easy and fun. We read about Cubism, learned about Picasso with some fantastic videos on YouTube. I'll try to post links. In particular there was one of the Director of The Met walking you through an extensive exhibit of Picasso's work, set in chronological order. 

Then it was time for our project- the kids loved it!

We took a photo of each girl from straight  on and a side view. 

I instructed them to cut out their features (eyes, nose, ears, lips, eyebrows). So at this point they have multiple features from 2 different points of view.

Next, they pasted them into a face on a piece of scrap paper with mixed features from each shot - so maybe one eye is straight on, one from the side. The features also don't need to be in the appropriate areas. 

Then, from that collage, they sketch their final face. My kids loved it! They invested a lot of time - maybe 1.5 hours experimenting with options, sharing ideas with each other. 

Tomorrow, we'll go back and add color. I'm thinking oil pastels for bright, vivid color.

This was a definite keeper! I'd bet my girls would love to do it again.

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