Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fresh Start

(I love this picture. I found it by chance doing yard cleanup today. It says "L heart Q"; my 6 year old heart my 9 year old).

Last summer, we did almost nothing for a garden. We'd just moved, we had some scary medical issues hanging over our heads and it just wasn't doable.

But this is our year. Funny thing is, I'm starting from scratch on a property I stated from scratch 15 years ago. 

Except for the birch trees in the front yard, a few ornamental trees and our ornamental pond that my sweet husband dug for me way back when we were newlyweds with a pick axe because of all the lavarock, it's a blank canvas.

We live in the high desert which means scorching temps during the day, cold frosts well into July and little rain.

I'm hoping if we take it 20 minutes at a time, everyday, and make it part of our homeschool, we'll be well on our way in no time. 

So these pictures are day 1. We have 3 trays of seeds in the greenhouse. But the greenhouse is still packed with gardening tools, etc that need to find a home elsewhere. 

The main garden needs raised beds; a deer-proof fence and new soil. 

Just imagine lots of healthy, organic veggies, berries, herbs, a cut flower garden and a pumpkin patch. Don't worry. It will happen. Just squint a little and I know you'll see the vision.

Wish us luck. 

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