Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Getting projects finished with help from the kids!

Just when I thought I couldn't knit another stitch, my sweet girls offered me "a free row." 

It was pretty cute because that's what I used to do for them when they were starting out. 

The Moonstone Poncho was a great lace project for a beginner. The result looks like it will be a great thing to throw on to run to the mailbox of to snuggle into on soccer sidelines. 

The best part is it was all stash yarn- 5 skeins of it! That makes me feel great.

It's still drying. I'm hoping to move it outside today to speed things up. I can't lose my little table for days. 

I have 2 books checked out of the library that I have had to renew without cracking the cover. 

Can't seem to get reading time in for me with all the read alouds for the kids. But I'm not complaining. 

We're reading the Little House series for my middle daughter and I'm sure I'll be doing it again in 4 years for the youngest.

My youngest has discovered a new easy reader series, Critter Club that seems to get her excited. It's over her head for reading but it has enough illustrations that she follows along with my finger as I read. 

The oldest's read-aloud is Pribcess Academy which is a Newberry Honor book. We're kind of surprised because we don't think it's great. 

I'm joining Ginny and her Yarnalong at Small Things. Click on the icon below to see more inspiring projects.


  1. So love the poncho - makes me want to knit one too! The colours look great together and it is always great to make something from stash. It is like you made it for free! (We just pretend that to ourselves!)
    I admit to loving kids books. I will often borrow from the young adult section of the library. I think the more recent Newberry lists aren't always what I would expect of great books, but there are some wonderful selections.
    Enjoy your gorgeous poncho!

  2. This is such a lovely poncho you have knitted. The colors of the yarn you chose are stunning. I can't believe they're from your stash! I'm sure this will be a much loved and warm poncho for years to come.........