Monday, February 2, 2015

Game night for everyone

Game night always holds the potential for a meltdown at our house. 

Either because we're playing a game with 5 people but the game only has 4 players (Sorry, Parcheesi, Ticket to Ride) or my 6 year old can't hang in there for the whole game but doesn't want to play by herself and is frustrated that we're all still occupied playing the game.

Most nights it goes smoothly but the ones it doesn't make you wonder if Family Game Night is helping or hurting our relationships.

And then someone recommended Sleeping Queens and it is perfect! Simple enough for a 6 year old yet enough strategy to hold the parents' attention. 

The kids have been playing it daily since we got it. And it was only $12ish. Highly recommend. 

They ask to play every chance they get. The great thing is it's perfect addition practice for my kinder. Hope you appreciate that I did not move the enormous basket of clean laundry in the background. It's our reality. ;)

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