Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Knitting with Puns

I have several projects going right now. I really should be finishing up a test knit for a friend but then I saw this project waiting in my basket.

It's perfect "waiting for the kids" knitting. Stockinette stitch in the round. I'm also using up some single ply, scratchy wool that I bought on an impulse on Jimmy Beans Wool Watcher. It's been taking up residency in my stash ever since... like 4 years.

I'm considering felting it... but not sure. That might make it too small. We'll see.

The pattern is Japanese Knot Bag.

Here's a look at the finished product. I think it's pretty clever and is the perfect child's bag.

I had a thought that I would knit one for each daughter and needle felt something cute in the front for Valentine's Day. Hmm.. probably should have a backup plan. 

We've been spending our time reading about how to promote your Etsy site. My shop with freshwater pearl stitch markers had given us plenty to learn about lately. 

I love this kind if learning. There are do many things you encounter along the way and it seems to be very useful information that our computer age kids will use. 

Anyway, we're still having fun writing up puns to go with our "Knitter's Bon Bons."

I'm joining Ginny in her Yarnalong today. Click the link to see lots of other inspiring projects.

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. The bags are super cute, such a great idea.

  2. Such a cute little bag a perfect little gift, thanks for stopping by my blog
    Clare x