Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One big pompom

All the pretty lacy hats I made this fall are proving pretty but not very warm.

I was excited to see this pattern from Purl Soho for a classic hat with a pompom.

It was quick & easy. I bought a pompom maker to make this enormous one. My daughter absolutely loves the pompom. You can see the size compared to the rest of the hat. Adorable!

Here's a link to my project notes on Ravelry.

But earlier this week, my 4h knitting group and I tried making them with forks & paper tubes. 

Here is a link. They turned out pretty well too. My one recommendation is to make sure that the kids don't wrap so much yarn around that it's too difficult to cinch. Also, make it easy on yourself and use a fork with 4 tines so there is a center to tie the yarn around. You'll understand what that means when you do it.

For reading, we've just started Planting Seeds - Practicing Mindfulness with Children. I have experienced great health & relaxation benefits from meditation this past year. I thought it might be a good idea to try to make it a habit for the kids while they are young. It comes with a cd with lots of different meditation and breathing techniques to try. 

I'm joining in the Yarn Along with Ginny. Here's a link to see many more inspirational projects. 

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  1. Adorable hat! The pompom finishes it off perfectly. Oh the thought of planting seeds! It makes me just a bit warmer on this cold day.