Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time for Knitting

Fall is here! Fall is here!!

I can knit in public without looking like a fruitcake! It gets hot here; like 100. 

Most people would put the sticks down, not me.

I have finally gotten to practical items like hats. 

Here's a slouch hat, Paravel, on Ravelry. I just love how it came out! 

The pattern is very doable for an advanced beginner. Just be sure to use your stitch markers. 

It did take me a week to finish so not exactly quick, but definitely worth the work! My project notes are on Ravelry; my user name is: "Lledbeck."

If you try it, read people's notes about size. It comes out huge and I have a big head. I'd try going down a needle size although that would mean 1's for me..

I'd also recommend this yarn - it's Black Trillium Lilt Sock. Not as soft as MadelineTosh but still nice and very warm. You can find it on Etsy or in local yarn shops throughout Oregon.

I'm joining the yarnalong at Small Things. Here's a link to see the other inspiring projects. 

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