Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finding Our Rhythm

We are so fortunate to live in a vibrant town nestled into a spectacular, vast corner of nature. 

The options are endless!!!

But, we're rediscovering the hard way that we are not.

The new school year is off and running at full speed. The kids are happy; trying new things (6th grader is on the Middle School Tennis Team) learning constantly and meeting great new friends. 

But it's only week 4 of school and the wheels are starting to come off this bus.

In previous years, when homeschooling in a town without many options, we had this easy going rhythm that kept everyone even keeled. There was plenty of time for studies, free time and exploration. Now, I feel like we're rushing to get through things so we can make it to the next commitment. I can't think of anything more contrary to my wishes for my children.  

And I guess the person to blame is me. My good intentions of ensuring that's kids are having access to all sorts of experiences, having fun and making friends has gone amuck! 

And I don't think my kids do nearly as much as other kids but that's the lesson that I'm always trying to teach them - don't worry about what works for everyone else - focus on yourself. 

I think it's time this mama took some of her own advice. I want to be a positive force in my kids life; not an overtired, scattered person saying "No" more times than I care to admit. 

Ok, here's Step 1. 
Tomorrow, we're going back to our previous schedule of starting our day, every day, for an hour outside with the kids drawing in their nature journals. Just relaxing & taking it in. This sounds easier than it is to accomplish but the day-long benefits are worth it! 

What do you do to keep your family in rhythm?

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