Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One More Hat

It's only taken me until January but I've finally managed to knit a hat for everyone.

This is the Harmony Cloche; a pattern by Heidi May on Ravelry. I knit it using SimpliWorsted by HiKoo. Here's the link to Ravelry.

The pattern is fun with an asymmetrical brim knit using short rows and then a chunky, bubbly lace pattern throughout. It has an interesting "M3" and lots of K5tog so nothing challenging but fun to knit. Don't look too closely. I made plenty of mistakes on the lace and found myself getting into more trouble trying to unknit all the lace rather than just keep going. 

I always tell my kids that's how they know it was knit with love by me; the mistakes ;)

As for reading, I wanted to share a book we just finished reading aloud as a family. 

It's Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson. 

If you have children who love animals, especially woodland ones, I recommend this book. It's a wonderful story of the woodland animals on a piece of land as they anticipate the new owners of the house. It's really fun for the kids to see the events through the animals perspectives. And it has a great, feel good ending. The language is old fashioned at times as it was published in the 30's but I think that's great for the kids' vocabulary. We almost gave up after the first chapter - it was getting tiresome to continually stop and explain. But the characters are so wonderful that soon the kids were much better at (or willing to) understanding a word's meaning through context because they didn't want to interrupt the story either. 

It's also a Newberry Award winner. We have been using the Newberry Awards to pick books this year for read alouds and haven't been disappointed yet. Everyone from my 5 - 10 year old enjoyed the book, and so did I. 

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  1. Love the hat and will definitely be checking that book out. It sounds like something my kids would really enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  2. What an adorable hat, it looks perfect to me and I love the color!