Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sick day playing with free stuff

When I ordered the consultant kit, I did it because there were a few pieces I wanted anyway and they totaled more than the $99 for the entire kit.

So, all of the 8 bags other than the Organizing Shoulder Bag and the All About the Benjamins Wallet, I consider free! 

I've been having a lot of fun with my "free" stuff. And today, since I wasn't feeling well & thought I should get on my mitten knitting, I needed a project bag. 

Enter my adorable, "free" zipper pouch with the super cute bicycle graphic. 

I remembered a cheap grommet set I had bought at Joann's and being that the bag had been free, it was worth the risk of it failing.

Seriously, this took me 15 minutes - 10 of which were spent trying to figure out how to use the grommet maker because I lost the instructions. 

Yarn goes inside and threads out the grommets.

I'll be making multi colored mittens and I love the idea of anything that helps with the balls of yarn getting tangled. 

Isn't this so cute??

Seriously, I'm excited. Plus it's very generously sized so it will easily handle the project in process along with thrusts, notions, etc.

The girls all tried to grab it so I think I'll get some more for Christmas and put grommets in them too for my little knitters.

The bags are 9" high, 12.25" long and 2" deep with a quality zipper closure. Best part is they have a laminated interior - smooth & snagfree and also easy to wipe clean in case my chocolate stash melts 😉

The price is $15 and they come in cute patterns with the option to embroider. My girls are big into their initials embroidered on everything so I might have to spring for the extra $7.

These would be a great holiday gift too filled with a pattern and a beautiful skein of yarn. 

Here's a link if you want to support Project Toteschooling and get going with your own zipper pouch.

If you want your own great consultant kit here's a link for that. You don't have to become a consultant. You can just take advantage of the great deal.

Tomorrow, the kids will finish up their personal vision statements and we'll get onto some more fun work on Project Toteschool.

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