Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First Rabbit Show

Despite the fact that the girls studied rabbits in 4h last year, we didn't make it to any shows. There aren't many where we are and breaking my foot meant we missed them all.

We're in the process of getting our new group together but I saw an ad for a 4h rabbit show within an hour's drive and thought we'd try. 

The girls have so much going on that their interest in the rabbits has been waning. I thought this show might push them in one direction or the other; give it up or pursue it more excitedly.

I am so proud of how they did today! We went having watched s lot of shows but never participating. The real issue was we didn't know how to flip the rabbits which is required when showing.

Soon after we got there, I asked a couple of older 4hers to show my girls. They were happy to do so and within 15 minutes, my girls had it figured out.

Harper was up first. I signed her up for the regular intermediate class rather than novice. She wanted to try it out and she did great. As you can imagine she was nervous and missed a few simple questions because if it but loved it.

What happened to that shy girl I used to have?

Lilly did the Cloverbud group and it was adorable. She beamed the whole time.

Quincey was supposed to be away at a soccer game so I hadn't registered her.  I think being there and able to watch the first time was probably great for her. 

They can't wait to do it again! I'm so proud of them, well really Harper, for stepping into a situation acknowledging that she didn't have all the skills but ready to try it to learn anyway.

Happy, long day.

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