Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome October

September was what Septemver always is in our homeschooling house- a gradual molding of the "ideal" plan I create at the start of the year into what we can manage.

This year is so different already. With the addition of a first grader who wants to do more, more, more and a seventh grader who really is working at high school level, I'm busy. 

Throw in the traveling soccer team which has me away 2 weekends a month and we definitely needed to mold that "perfect" plan 

But I love where we are at. There are a few more things I'd love to get into our days like a regular, weekly volunteering gig possibly to benefit the homeless; an advanced writing course to feed my okdest's old soul and some sort of hands on engineering to charge up my 5th grader.

We start every day with the best of intentions to get through a million subjects but rarely do we succeed. Wake up times are inching later with the morning darkness & chill and I'm ok with that because it means my morning quiet time, my most cherished time of the day, gets a minute or two longer.

I love being with my girls and watching them blossom. The changes come rapidly these days. 

We've been really good about getting to daily mass twice a week which means a lot to me. Our priest could be a kindred spirit to Pope Francis- all kindness and peace. I think hearing his words more regularly will ease my soul when things get hectic.

The kids were gathering sunflower seeds today and our dog, Olive, sat closely by ever so quietly slipping her long into the table... Just in case someone wanted to throw it. Love that sweet soul, Olive.

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