Friday, September 18, 2015


Often, when I tell my husband something that's happened during our day, usually a thing that's gone wrong, which has come to such as surprise to me, he laughs and says, "Becky, you say this every time." I guess that's the difference between optimist me and realist him.

So it should come as no surprise to me that despite my best efforts, the reality of getting everyone to the right location at the assigned time for whatever it is they've asked to be signed up for trumps my carefully planned schedule. After 2 weeks of figuring out how to fit everything into an unrushed schedule with plenty of time for projects, nature walks, and all the good stuff, along comes soccer practices, travelling teams, tennis team, science classes, etc.

With the exception of sports, which we like to have the girls consistently in throughout the year, there are few things that my kids insist on signing up for. There are so many opportunities where we live that every day could be completely filled and I would spend my days behind the wheel.

When I started homeschooling just my oldest, I did have her enrolled in art, science, dance, etc. because I was unsure about my skills as her teacher and I only had her to shuttle around. Now that there are 3, I'm just going to have to risk that my kids will be left behind intellectually and in their futures because the consequences of the "juggling" just aren't worth it for our family.

I guess for the right choice for our family still is choosing the far less popular, slower pace.

So, I'll keep trying to juggle our schedule to a reasonable degree. But I'm going to choose peace and less stress every time.

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