Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The little greenhouse that could

I think it's very funny that in all the years we lived in an agricultural valley, we barely used the greenhouse. And now, the greenhouse is the epicenter of our universe or so it seems. 

We are having so much fun with it! And it's tiny but that's half the fun. Engineering new shelving configurations to maximize capacity is a constant conversation. Sounds like a more fun way of learning math than a worksheet. 

We need to actualize one of those plans because we are out of space.

The girls were thrilled to discover the carrots, beets & scallions have emerged.

The sunflowers are exploding & needed to be potted up. With no pots around,Quincey reminded me about newspaper pots. You use a soup can for a form, roll, tape and voila. I'm not sure how much strength they'll have when wet but if we keep them in the tray, they should work out great.

My goal for the backyard this year is "private sanctuary." As in, I can garden in my pjs without the world seeing; I can sip a cup of coffee on the backporch looking at the mountains without watching cars drive by. My plan relies on filling in the borders with Indian corn, mammoth sunflowers and hops vines. If I can get the irrigation right, it should work much more cheaply than fencing the whole 1/2 acre. Now, I just have to figure out how to keep the dogs from stepping on them. 

This weekend was wonderful but exhausting. Quin had great games with her traveling soccer team. Harper competed on her first 4h dog match and placed 1st in showmanship and 3rd in obedience. And Lilly was thrilled to get 2 goals in her soccer game. And that was just Saturday. Sunday was more soccer games and 4h meetings- the girls went to their 4h sewing while I led a cloverbud meeting about bees. I'll try to write a post about that cloverbud meeting so I have the resources for another day. Fun! 

It's been nice to spend the past 2 days relaxing, planting and making. 


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