Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This is really going to be the year we get it right

enjoying the final days of summer.

Each year has been it's own adventure. This year, should be no different except that my youngest is now a kindergartner, my middle child has joined a travelling soccer team and we didn't quite get our dedicated homeschool space finished. But other than that, we're ready!

We've been pretty unschool-y lately. Last year was rough with my health issues and a move. This year, we are adding in more curriculum which I hope ultimately gives us more free time. We'll see.

All About Reading and All About Spelling. 
I have one daughter who is dyslexic in some form. This is not a surprise; so is her dad. I don't want her to become frustrated with spelling and so after tremendous research and feedback from other parents, we've decided to jump into AAS. Here's a link.

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)
This is another program that I only have heard raves about. Many have also said that their children who previously hated writing, now really enjoy it. I've also heard that the level at which kids write when this is complete is better than most coming out of high school. I'm really excited about this because my oldest is an excellent writer, loves it and craves more knowledge. My middle (dyslexic) really can't stand writing .at.all! We will be the perfect family to review their product come the end of the year.

Right Start Math
This is going to be my challenge. I have 2 kids doing 2 different levels of Right Start Math this year. It does require a fair amount of teacher prep. We'll see how that goes. Math for my kinder will be mostly working with a million different kinds of manipulatives, games, writing in shaving cream, fun, tactile kind of projects.

This is the subject that I have pretty much dropped the ball. Again, this year we are using Story of The World as our spine. I am hoping that the Beautiful Feet History Through Literature book I ordered has something great to add. My kids love read alouds and reading themselves. Hoping the Beautiful Feet text has an amazing list of reading resources.

This will be the year where we finally get our history timelines going as well.

Continuing with Rosetta Stone Spanish. Trying to find something with writing involved to add for my 6th grader

Continuing with Prima Latina and Latina Christiana. I was considering buying Visual Latin but haven't checked into it yet. The other 2 programs are just so dull. My oldest doesn't mind but my 9 year old sure does.

Reading & Read Alouds
I am thankful that my children love to read and be read to. We will be continuing to work through the list of Newberry Award Winners as well as the lists for Battle of the Books. We're hoping to put together a mock Battle of the Books competition as it's only open to school children.

We also LOVE art. If I wasn't careful, we'd be doing art all day long! I'm trying to decide if I should continue as we have been learning about artists based on the principles of art or if I should switch to a chronological order? I'm leaning more toward principles and types of art.

That's most of the plan for now. Throw in a lot of field trips, science classes at a fantastic science center and sports and I'd say our days are full!

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