Sunday, January 26, 2014

Valid Reason To Blog

This sweet girl is 9 now.

Last night, sitting on the couch, I proudly showed her the new header image I had made for the blog and told her that I was going to try to stick with it.

She immediately wanted the phone to read it. She scrolled and read as different smiles and expressions came over her face. And then she said, " I really like reading this and seeing these pictures. Reading a little makes me want to read more."

Doesn't seem like a profound statement but I have been so focused on the "resource" aspect of the blog - listing resources for x, y and z based on what we are doing in our lives that I kind of forgot this is really documenting my children's childhood.

I try not to even say the word "scrapbook" because such a wave of guilt crashes over me. I know there are mothers out there documenting every moment and I'm downright jealous that I can't make that happen, but I can't.

What I didn't realize is that this blog is essentially that effort - documenting their lives; maybe better.

So, I think it's something to consider. Not all of us have hours to pour over scrapbooking. But maybe posting a few pictures and words at the end of the day will be just as great a treasure in 30 years. And maybe better because it will be in a format that they can share with many.

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