Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Squishy Yarn Into Warm Hats

Why haven't I knit more hats? I had forgotten how quick and satisfying they are to knit. I think a couple of "gauge disaster" hats a few winters ago, when double points were challenging for  me as a new knitter, soured me to the projects, but I finally have had some success.

Husband's Hat

When a skein of MadelineTosh came up on Jimmy Bean's Wool Watcher at 40% off, I ordered without giving it too much thought. The color was called Terrarium. In the skein, I wasn't very excited. It was very dark and murky. I tossed it into the stash and thought I'd use it for a hat for my husband at some point.
I sure was wrong! When knit up, flecks of pale robin's egg blue emerged and the color kind of came alive. It is just gorgeous. The yarn itself is so squishy and warm that I am wishing I hadn't used it for myself. I chose a basic hat pattern with allover ribbing to ensure a good fit to safeguard against my problem with gauge in the past. The pattern is Sandoval Hat - a free pattern found on Ravelry.

Daughter's Hat

My daughter chose this yarn at a trunk show at our lys, Apples to Oranges, in Silverton, Oregon. It's Depoe Bay worsted weight yarn in the color Gun Smoke by Alexandra's Crafts. Alexandra's Crafts is a local hand-dyer. This is the first time I worked with her yarn and it's another "squishy" one. It was really nice on my hands while knitting. Here's a link to her website. 

The pattern is the Lilian Beret on Ravelry. I ended up having to frog the first attempt; it just came out ridiculously slouchy - like an exaggerated french chef's hat. So the second attempt, I still used the adult size cast on, but went down a needle size. This seemed to do the trick perfectly. The hat is slouchy, but not too slouchy and my girl loves it. I need to put a large flower on the band. The pattern calls for a large felt flower permanently affixed. I think it might be fun (& more practical) to put on a button and then knit several flowers for her to choose from. We'll see....

Only 2 more hats to knit before winter's over and the whole family will be done! Casting on.

Happy New Year!

This post is part of Ginny Sheller's yarn along. Here's the link to see all the other beautiful projects or to post your own. 


  1. One thing I really love about my (one) experience with Madelinetosh is the surprise subtle colors hidden in the yarn until you knit it up. I used some for a shawl and it was a beautiful blue-green color but had pops of rose that showed up once I made the shawl. Beautiful hats!

    1. MadelineTosh is one of my favorites! Her colors are just amazing. I will never doubt her again ;)

  2. I love the hats and the yarns. Thanks for the mention of Jimmy Beans Wool Watcher. This is new to me.

    1. Oh, be careful! It can be dangerous ;) I really do try to shop at all the great LYS in the area but sometimes, the deals are too good to pass up on Wool Watcher. Have fun with it. The shipping is incredibly fast!

  3. I love your husband's hat especially! It turned out great!