Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One Scarf, Two Vibrant Colorways

Have you ever had a knitting pattern that for whatever reason, you just can't get right? That was how this pattern started out in July. But I had seen a friend wearing one and it was really stunning. I loved the texture of it. It also seemed to be a great opportunity to use extremely colorful yarn with quick color changes. That's something I would not normally use, so why not?

I cast on in July.

I ripped it out many times. I just couldn't get the pattern down. So frustrating. So, it was sentenced to the "didn't work out like I planned trunk."

And then this fall, when thinking about gifts, I found the forgotten start and decided to give it another try.

Not sure why but this time, I memorized the pattern quickly and it became the perfect busy work while listening to a daughter read to me, waiting at an appointment or just to fit in a quick 2 minutes of knitting here and there.

The pattern is "Favorite Scarf Ever" on Ravelry. 

The pattern calls for dividing the yarn in two balls, knitting 2 sides and seaming together. I started out with this intention and soon decided that I would rather make one long scarf. The wrong side didn't seem so awful to me.

Both yarns were purchased at my lovely lys, Apples to Oranges. 

The first is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock Yarn in color # 17 - it's got moss greens, bright violet blues, light periwinkle and violet purples. Here's a link to my project page.

The second is a local hand-dyed yarn that I can not recommend enough. Her colorways offer incredible color combinations that you don't often see. This one jumped out at me. It's by Blissful Knits & Dyeworks (available on Etsy). The yarn is called Inspire -it's sock weight and the color is called "Full Bloom." 

This yarn contrasts rich chocolate brown with bright fucshia, aqua, lime and tangerine.

In a million years, I don't know why I love this so, but I do. Of course, it must be a gift because I'm not sure what I would wear it with. Here's a link to my Ravelry project page. 

I can't remember another pattern that I've knit one after another. But it was really fun to see how they differ just based on the yarn. I'm not quite finished with the 2nd but I would be interested to do a 3rd in a solid, tonal hand-dyed yarn. Maybe I'll wait a bit though.

This post is part of Ginny Sheller's Yarn Along. Click on the link to see other beautiful knitting projects. 


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Visiting from Yarn Along!


    1. Thanks, Sheila! It's incredible what a stitch pattern can do with a multi-colored yarn.

  2. The colors are awesome! I love when a pattern finally clicks and you just "get it".

    1. The 2nd yarn by Blissful Knits is amazing. They had a trunk show at our lys and her color combinations were stunning. I was so thankful it did finally click and i could get it out of the stash of wip's. ;)

  3. I love that scarf. I think I just found the project I was looking for. Thanks!

    1. Oh good! I think it's one of those simple patterns that has results that look very complex. It's a great project to have in your bag when in the car, waiting at the dr's, etc. Have fun with it!

  4. So neat to see what a difference a yarn makes.