Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Should Be Knitting Gifts

It's late November and I should be knitting gifts but I found several skeins of this yarn in my stash and got sidetracked. This is the start of the Spritely Cape for children on Ravelry. I've knit it once before in MadelineTosh Magnolia Leaf. 

This yarn is entirely different - Simplicity by HiKoo . It's a blend of merino superwash, acrylic & nylon, which is a combination I would normally avoid as I usually avoid acrylic at all costs. However, I must have ordered it from a Jimmy Beans Wool wool watcher special and not realized what I was getting. But the hand of it is actually very soft and I am sure it will hold up to frequent washing better than a treasured skein of MadelineTosh.

The color is as teal blue as can be. My daughter's favorite color. The lace pattern is showing up so much more with this solid color and blend of fibers. The lace on the MadelineTosh version was much more hidden but it really didn't matter, as the color was a showstopper on that one.

The pattern would be a great one for a starting lace knitter. It's only 4 rows of lace and you get plenty of opportunities to repeat it and practice it, depending on the size you knit.


I've added a few more repeats to the project. I only have 3 more to go and then it's on to the hood. I love the way it's coming out but I really am getting a bit bored of the repeat and am anxious to get to a few important holiday knitted gifts. Hopefully, it will be finished this weekend!

Update -12/11/13

I finished! Well, almost. In my attempt to make the hood smaller per the request of  my daughter, I managed to make it so small that it doesn't fit. After the holidays, I will rip it out back to the shoulders and redo the hood. For that reason, I also haven't blocked it or woven in the ends. I just wanted to show how sweet it turned out. Sorry about the photo quality. It is freezing here and so a quick snapshot in the kitchen was the best I could get. But it gives you the idea.

I really love the pattern of this lace. It is such a sweet knit for a little girl. My others have already put in their orders for their capes which is the true test as to whether or not it is loved.

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  1. It is a beautiful colour and like you said a great lace pattern to get your toes wet with.

  2. This is a sweet lace pattern for a child's cape! I hope you post it when it's finished. Wendy

  3. I might have to try this. Thank your for sharing your experience with the pattern. I haven't done much lace knitting but it looks beautiful.