Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Online Resources for Art Lessons, Crafts & Creativity


Thank goodness for all of the art teachers that create blogs!
I draw inspiration, and often step by step instructions, from them on a regular basis. Many are incredible collections of projects that can be searched by subject matter, artist or materials used. A couple are a collection of video tutorials that show step by step drawing instruction.
Here are some that I just couldn’t homeschool without:

The Crafty Crow
This is a collection of art and craft projects from many contributors. It’s an enormous collection and you’re bound to find something related to the subject-matter you are working with.


Deep Space Sparkle
This is a terrific blog with a mix of free projects, inexpensive projects for purchase and even online teaching workshops. I haven’t taken a workshop, but it’s on my “to do” list. I have used the free projects extensively. A great feature is that the author of the blog gives some written feedback about her real life experience ie. which grades it works best with, ideas for breaking it up into multiple sessions, etc. I have only purchased one set of lesson plans and was really pleased with it. It was a series of related projects that would have taken me forever to source and put together on my own. Considering that,  I think the price was very fair.


 That Artist Woman

This site has a fantastic collection of with projects with step by step photo tutorials. Materials are probably what you already have on hand. Bonus - She has a great blogroll on the site featuring many other art blogs.


Art Projects for Kids
One of my favorites! Created by Kathy Barbro, this blog is extensive and organized! Aimed toward K-5 grades.
Mrs. Picasso’s Artroom

Another great blog created by an art teacher with photo tutorials and instructions.

Apex Elementary Art

Inspiring photo blog of the art projects from an elementary school. Not many instructions but you can figure out most through pictures.

Angela Anderson Art

Another photoblog full of ideas for interesting and creative projects.









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